General Terms and Conditions of the Albertina Webshop and Online Ticket Shop

(November 3rd,  2008)


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By ordering from the Albertina’s Webshop or Online Ticket Shop, you agree to the General Terms and Conditions of the Albertina Webshop and Online Ticket Shop.


An order can only be placed when all required fields (those marked with an asterisk) have been filled out. Before submitting your order, you will receive a summary of the contents of your order, including prices, for review. You can either correct the data or confirm it. You will automatically receive an e-mail from us confirming receipt of your order. However, this does not mean that the order has been accepted. Messages sent to us will be handled only during working hours: Monday-Friday from 9 am to 4 pm, except on Austrian public holidays. Messages that arrive on the server outside working hours will be considered received as of the next working day.

Your order is an offer in the legal sense. Once we accept your offer, you will receive an order confirmation with the General Terms and Conditions by e-mail, or together with the ordered goods. We are entitled to accept orders only in part. We will inform you if your order is not accepted and refund any payments you have made.


The prices in the currently valid Albertina price lists or as displayed in the Webshop / Online Ticket Shop apply. The prices include the respective statutory VAT. The Albertina reserves the right in individual cases (especially in the case of special exhibitions), to set prices that deviate from the price lists. These will be printed on the tickets.
Reduced-price tickets may only be purchased at the Online Ticket-Shop by individuals who belong to one of the respective beneficiary groups. Beneficiary groups currently include students, senior citizens, families, single parents, people with handicaps and groups. There is no legal claim to reduced-price tickets. The Albertina reserves the right to offer reduced-price tickets to a larger group of eligible persons at its counters. Only one ticket will be issued per interested party. Reduced-price tickets are not valid without a picture ID or without having reached the minimum group size which establishes eligibility for the reduced price. The so-called "international student ID" is not sufficient to receive a student reduction unless supplemented by a current written confirmation of enrolment. If a ticket is inappropriately used, the visitor may be charged for the difference or ejected from the museum. In the latter case, the price of the ticket shall not be refunded, neither in whole nor in part.

Delivery periods for the shipment of tickets

Tickets purchased online which are not Print@Home Tickets may be deposited/picked up at the ticket office selected in the Online Ticket Shop or sent by mail, upon request, depending on the selection made during the purchase transaction. Tickets may be picked up in selected ticket offices immediately after ordering. Shipment in Austria and abroad shall be made by mail to the address indicated in the order within 48 hours (counting business days) after receipt of the order and confirmation of the credit card details. You are responsible for ordering the tickets in a timely manner so as to enable timely shipment by mail. You bear the risk of shipping. The Albertina reserves the right to stop sending tickets by mail two weeks prior to the end of the exhibition. Tickets may only be picked up at the locations indicated in the Online Ticket Shop if the reservation number is given and the credit card which was used to make the payment is presented. Receipt of the tickets shall be confirmed by signature.

Delivery times for the shipment of goods

Goods purchased online (catalogues, etc.) will be sent by mail. If payment is made by credit card, we will send the goods within 7 working days after positive verification of the credit card. If an advance payment is to be made, we will send the goods within 7 days of the receipt of full payment onto our bank account. Shipments within Austria or abroad will be made by mail to the address specified in the order. The risk will pass to you from the point in time the good is handed over to the post office as carrier.
We also reserve the right to conduct partial deliveries. Should any good not be deliverable for at least four weeks, we will notify you by e-mail and give you the opportunity to rescind the purchase contract regarding the undeliverable goods by written declaration to us by e-mail. If you do not avail yourself of this rescission right within the time prescribed by us, the contract will continue and be fulfilled by us as soon as the good is again deliverable.


Payment shall be made by credit card (Visa, Master Card/Eurocard, Diners Club, American Express) or, by advance payment, if applicable for the purchased Webshop products. Once the Customer's payment details are entered and the "Order" button is clicked, the sale is complete. At that point, the sale is binding and is no longer subject to cancellation or modification. However, a sales contract shall only be concluded if the transaction was executed with a valid credit card and after the payment has been authorized by the relevant credit card company, or after receipt of the full payment onto our bank account.

Reservation of ownership

Goods and tickets shall remain property of the Albertina until payment is made in full.

Warranty and liability

The statutory warranty rules shall apply.
The website has been created based on our latest information and has been conscientiously tested. Nevertheless, liability cannot be assumed for the flawless functioning of the website, remedying errors and the freedom of the website and server from viruses or other harmful programs, functions, etc. Compensatory damages claims of the customer, regardless of the legal grounds, and particularly for default, inability of performance, positive breach of contract, negligence upon conclusion of the contract, consequential damages due to defects, defects or torts shall be precluded unless such claims are based on intentional action or gross negligence on our part. This restriction shall not apply for personal injury and damages to objects acquired for processing, as well as claims based on the Product Liability Act. Contents of referenced and linked sites are expressly not a component of the website. Any warranty or liability for contents of referenced sites is expressly excluded. Albertina expressly distances itself from any unlawful contents of referenced sites and is not responsible for the contents and functions of such websites.

Data protection

The Customer hereby agrees that all customer data arising from inquiries and orders may be used for execution of the relevant transaction and that such data may be collected, processed, stored and used for bookkeeping purposes and for internal market research and marketing purposes, but that such data may not be disclosed to third parties under any circumstances. The data will be used by us to comply with statutory rules, execute payment transactions and for advertising purposes.

Redemption or compensation for entry tickets

It is not possible to redeem or exchange paid tickets. This applies in particular to individual payments for group tickets if the actual group size varies from the ticket quantity purchased online. Lost tickets or tickets that were not used or were only partially used cannot be replaced; this especially holds in the case of "late-comers". The latter include those who arrive just before the museum closes or those who cannot be permitted entry due to heavy visitor traffic or due to congestion in the exhibition or the museum as a whole, especially if this leads to certain rooms being closed at short notice. Persons who do not arrive later than 90 minutes before the museum or respective exhibition closes are guaranteed entry; otherwise the entry ticket will be redeemed.

Redemption or compensation for ordered goods

It is not possible to redeem or exchange ordered goods.

Cancellation of or changes to exhibitions, guided tours or other special events

If an exhibition or other special event, whose title appears on the entry ticket or which was advertised in any other manner or where entry tickets were purchased solely to visit this exhibition/event, is substituted by another, postponed or cancelled, then the already purchased and unused Albertina entry ticket will not be redeemed. Entry tickets entitle the holder to visit Albertina exhibition rooms that are open at the time of the visit irrespective of any advertised exhibitions, guided tours or other special events.
Even limited viewing due to temporary closing of the Habsburg Staterooms for conservation reasons in the case of continuous rain or snow do not constitute a valid reason for redeeming entry tickets. The Albertina reserves the right to close due to weather conditions or events.
Any postponements or cancellations of guided tours or events do not entitle the purchaser to redeem purchased tickets. Postponements of guided tours of more than 2 hours entitle the tour fee to be refunded. The visitor is responsible for obtaining information about any changes on the day of the guided tour or event by checking the daily newspaper or telephoning the Albertina.

Right of rescission

Consumer protection law affords consumers the following right of rescission for distance selling contracts:
§ 5e. (1) The consumer may rescind a contract concluded in distance selling or a contractual declaration issued in distance selling prior to expiration of the periods mentioned in (2) and (3) below. It shall be sufficient for the rescission declaration to be sent within the period.
  (2) The rescission period shall be seven business days, whereby Saturday shall not count as a business day. In case of contracts for the delivery of goods, the period shall begin on the date of receipt thereof by the consumer and, in case of contracts for the provision of services, the period shall begin on the date the contract is concluded.
  (3) If the enterprise fails to comply with the duties of disclosure thereof in accordance with § 5d (1) and (2), the rescission period shall be three months from the dates mentioned in (2) above. If the enterprise fails to comply with the duties of disclosure thereof within this period, the period for exercise of the right of rescission mentioned in (2) above shall begin upon disclosure of the information by the enterprise.

§ 5f. The consumer shall have no right of rescission in case of contracts for
  1. services whose provision to the consumer is to begin within seven business days (§ 5e (2) Sentence 1) of the date the contract is concluded;
  2. goods or services whose price depends on the development of prices in the financial markets over which the enterprise has no control;
  3. goods which are made in accordance with the customer's specifications, which are clearly customised to meet personal needs, whose features render them unsuitable for a return shipment, which spoil quickly or whose expiration date has passed;
  4. audio or video recordings or software, provided the consumer broke the seal on the delivered objects;
  5. newspapers, journals and magazines, with the exception of contracts for periodicals (§ 26(1) No. 1);
  6. gambling and lottery services; and
  7. home deliveries and recreational services (§ 5c (4) Nos. 1 and 2).

§ 5g. (1) If the consumer rescinds the contract in accordance with § 5e, the parties shall be obligated concurrently as follows:
  1. the enterprise must reimburse the consumer for payments made by the latter and for necessary and beneficial expenses incurred by the consumer for the object; and
  2. the consumer must return the goods received thereby and pay the enterprise a reasonable fee for use, including compensation for any diminished value of the goods associated with such use; acceptance of the goods in the custody of the consumer shall not, and in of itself, be deemed a diminution of value.
  (2) The consumer may be required to participate only in the immediate cost of the return shipment, insofar as such participation was stipulated by the parties.
  (3) § 4(2) and (3) shall apply.


The address you indicate in your order shall be your valid address for service and for declarations of intent until written notice of a different address is made. You are obligated to provide the relevant information requested in the contract, fully and accurately. If you make inaccurate, incomplete and unclear statements, you will be liable for all costs arising as a result. You shall be required, under penalty of compensatory damages, to report any changes in your name or address, or changes in your place of residence, immediately and in writing. If you fail to do so, any written notice sent to your last known address shall be deemed to satisfy the requirements for valid service. You are aware that the internet is not a secure medium for communications and that data sent over the internet may become known and may be modified by third parties. You bear the risk that data will not be received by us, or that data will not be received by us in the form in which you send it. We may rely on the fact that data was sent by you in the form in which we receive it.

If tickets are resold, each reselling buyer must point out that Albertina's General Terms and Conditions apply for any additional visitor. The General Terms and Conditions shall be a component of all contracts between visitors and Albertina.

Hawking or selling of entry tickets for Albertina exhibitions by private persons is forbidden within the museum buildings. Visitors are subject to currently valid house rules as soon as they enter the Albertina premises. The valid entry ticket is to be presented to museum service personnel when requested. Violations of the Albertina's house rules can lead to the visitors being ejected from the exhibition or guided tour. The price of the ticket shall not be refunded in those cases.

Austrian law shall apply. For businessmen and consumers whose place of residence or habitual residence is not located in Austria and who are not employed in Austria, the court with jurisdiction for 1010 Vienna shall be the competent court for all disputes in connection with this contract even insofar as such disputes relate to the conclusion or rescission thereof. We reserve the right to modify and adjust the General Terms and Conditions as necessary, whereby changes shall take effect only for future contracts.

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