The "Tee" Salon and the "Billard" Room


Archduke Albrecht had the crimson-walled "Tee" Salon and the adjacent yellow "Billard" Room remodelled in 1867. The wall dividing them was moved by one bay, and the floors and the decorative elements of the panelling and the windows were all replaced.


"Tee" Salon

(A note about "tea": From 1895, the best butter in Vienna came from the Teschen dairy farm owned by Archduke Friedrich, the last Habsburg resident of the Albertina palace. The abbreviation of the dairy’s name spelled the German word for tea. To this day quality butter is called "tea butter" in Austria.)


The palace residents and their guests would gather in the "Billard" Room for after-dinner entertainment. Duke Albert and Archduke Carl in particular preferred a game of billiards over cards.