Graphic Art Collection

The continuous scientific appraisal of the collection holdings, as well as the compiling of oeuvre catalogues on individual artists, are among the foremost research tasks of the curators at the Albertina. Research projects already concluded and current research intentions both contribute to an expansion of knowledge about the artworks of the collection.

Photographic Collection

The continuing scientific processing of the collection’s holdings is among the overriding research tasks of the curators of the Photographic Collection. Individual scientific projects materialise in the form of exhibitions and their appertaining catalogues.

Provenance research

In accordance with, and fulfilment of, the 1998 Art Restitution Law, the Albertina continues to check all collection holdings, systematically and without any gaps, for their provenance. As a consequence, all relevant inventories, archive holdings and the objects themselves are being studied for clues as to their origins.