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The library of the Albertina is a historically accumulated collection, containing specialist books on art history, particularly on the history of the art of drawing, art prints and photography. In addition, it comprises some 100 ongoing subscriptions to print media and a singular collection of historic auction catalogues and illustrated books (artists’ books). Its total holdings of more than 100,000 titles feature, besides the Albertina’s own stock, also items on loan from the National Library, situated close by.

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Researching periodicals and auction catalogues

Part of the journals and the most recent auction catalogues are accessible via the online catalogue (Language: German). Journals and auction catalogues not yet indexed (up to 2001) may be researched in the following lists: 

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Library catalogues

Austrian National Libary
Karlsruhe Virtual Catalogue (a virtual catalogue on art history)





Portals (a virtual specialised library on art history)

AKMB (Consortium of Art and Museum Libraries)


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The library can be found on the ramparts alongside the longitudinal section of the palace.



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Access for visitors with a disability available after prior notice (by telephone or e-mail)
Entry is dependent upon production of a current official photo ID at reception
A wardrobe service and research terminals are available in the entrance area leading up to the library.