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Gustav Klimt: The Drawings

(Second Supplementary Volume)

Dr. Marian Bisanz-Prakken
The research project on the drawings of Gustav Klimt took its first steps in 1963, starting with the comprehensive Klimt collection of the Albertina.

This pre-eminent set of materials contains some 170 drawings from all of the artist’s creative phases.  


Max Weiler as a Draughtsman

Dr. Regina Doppelbauer
The work of the painter Max Weiler (1910-2001) has been explored over the past 20 years with the help of numerous exhibitions and scholarly publications. What has heretofore been a lesser-known fact is that he was also an eminent and fascinating draughtsman.


German Drawings of the
19th Century at the Albertina

Dr. Maren Gröning and Dr. Maria Luise Sternath
The aim of this project is to draw up a historically critical documentation and scientifically sound overall catalogue of the museum’s holdings of drawings by German and Swiss artists born between 1780 and 1870. 


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