As an extraordinary treasure trove of visual knowledge, the Albertina had also been gathering photographs since the middle of the 19th century. Yet this was a fact that became common knowledge again only once the Photographic Collection was properly reconstituted in 1999.

The Collection is complemented by the historic stocks of the Langewiesche Verlag publishing house and the Austrian Federal Education and Research Institute for Graphics in Vienna, which contain not only pictures but also all kinds of apparatus and a substantial library. It presents the rare opportunity of researching, within continuous, media-transcending traditions, comparisons and contrasts offered by the so very multifarious phenomenon of the photographic image.



History and Holdings of the Photographic Collection

The Albertina’s Photographic Collection currently comprises some 100,000 objects, which, by and large, originate from the following sources: the photographs held by the Albertina since the 1850s, the collections of the Austrian Federal Education and Research Institute for Graphics, the Langewiesche archive, and the new acquisitions obtained since 1999.



Biobibliography on photography
in Austria

This database contains biographical and bibliographical data relating to persons, institutions and companies who were or are, at least temporarily, active within the geographic confines of today’s Austria, engaging or having engaged in photography.
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of the Photography Collection

As part of the photographic exhibitions held at the Albertina Museum, numerous publications have appeared in print, dealing with both the Austrian and the international history of photography.

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