Duration: 90 minutes (60 minute exhibition tour and 30 minute workshop in the Format Werk art studio. Instead of studio work, the tour can be extended to 90 minutes upon request.)

Or 120 minutes (60 minute exhibition tour and 60 minute workshop in the Format Werk art studio)


Each student is given a handout with artist biographies and quotations. When collected, these handouts can supplement personal art history collections and be used as preparation for school leaving examinations.






Demolition of classical modern art

The discovery of photography in the 19th century dramatically revolutionised painting.
New forms of expression and images lead to the development of numerous artistic styles.

During the tour, the characteristic styles of international mainstream modern art are analysed. The students create a "style map" structured according to country and artist that shows the background, similarities and contrasts of each artistic form of expression.


In the optional follow-up workshop, the students create an impressionistic, expressionistic, cubistic or surrealistic self portrait using the appropriate techniques.



Educational programme in the Habsburg Staterooms


These interactive and conversational tours are geared to the ages of the participants and teach the history of the Albertina and of the people who once lived in the palace. Since the staterooms are sometimes closed due to special events, these programmes are limited. 


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