250 years of history,

six hundred years of art 


Albertina's history is a history of art friends and sponsors. Founded in 1771 in the spirit of enlightenment by Duke Albert of Saxe-Teschen and expanded by his successors with connoisseurship and passion, it is today, as well as then, one of the most important graphical art collections in the world. With over 1.1 million works of art, including valuable pieces by Raphael, Michelangelo, Dürer, Rubens, Rembrandt as well as by Chagall, Picasso, Klimt, Schiele, Klee, Kandinsky, Pollock, Baselitz and Kiefer, it encompasses a wide, encyclopaedic range covering six centuries of art history, from the Late Middle Ages through the Renaissance up to the present time.

After the spectacular reopening in 2003 and further years of construction and restoration, the Albertina today resides in one of the most beautiful Classicist palaces in Europe and is one of the most-visited museums in Austria.

Underneath one of the city's new landmarks, the flying roof designed by Hans Hollein, the museum is an attraction for cultural and city travellers from all over the world, a permanent fixture in programmes for state visits and a meeting point for leading figures from the worlds of economics, politics and art.

Thanks to generous patrons, newly constructed exhibition areas such as the Propter Homines Halls and the Jeanne & Donald Kahn Galleries provide space for large, modern presentations and a wide-ranging, internationally-oriented exhibition programme that has drawn more than four million visitors from all over the world in the last five years.

The elaborately restored Staterooms that are once again furnished with valuable original furniture provide us with an impressive reminder of the living conditions and representative culture of the Habsburg period.

In 2007, international Classical Modernism found a new home at the Albertina in Vienna with the collection from Herbert and Rita Batliner, one of the many permanent loans granted to the Albertina in the recent years.


Accompany us into the future

The smallest step in Albertina's history would not have been possible without the support of friends and patrons, loans and gifts from private collectors and building blocks to extend our rooms.

None of the extensive presentations in recent years, which are endowed with exhibits and loans from every continent, would have been possible without contributions from sponsors and partners.

We cordially invite you to form an even closer relationship with the Albertina and, as a private patron, to accompany the museum on its way into the future.

As an Albertina sponsor, you play a decisive role in the development of one of the most significant art collections in the world. As a supporter of an incomparable venue of inspiration and knowledge, you enjoy an exclusive relationship which lets you extend and deepen your interest in past, present and future art.