21 October 2011 - 22 January 2012
August Macke
In der Tempelhalle, 1914

The Forberg Collection was presented to the Albertina in 2007 by Mathias and Eva Forberg on a permanent loan basis. Comprising 38 outstanding artworks, it complements the Albertina’s own collection especially in the area of Classical Modernism. The collection features works on paper, prints, sculptures, and paintings of exceptional quality by artists such as Picasso, Lyonel Feininger, and Fernand Léger, and by representatives of the Blue Rider (“Der Blaue Reiter”) movement, such as Alexeij Jawlensky and Wassily Kandinsky, as well as August Macke, who was associated with the group. In addition, it includes works by the Bridge (“Brücke”) painters Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Otto Mueller, and Max Pechstein as well as by the Bauhaus artists Lazlo Moholy-Nagy and Oskar Schlemmer. At the core of the Forberg Collection, however, is an exquisite selection of works by Paul Klee. The basis of the present Forberg Collection was established by Matthias Forberg’s father, Kurt Forberg. Interested in various art genres, Kurt Forberg was particularly committed to the field of the fine arts. Starting in the 1950s, he began to put together an extensive collection that distinguished itself through its founder’s great knowledge of and passion for modern arts. After Kurt Forberg’s death, the collection was divided up through inheritance and parts of it were scattered throughout the world as a result of sales.

The Albertina presents the original Forberg Collection for the first time, along with the works that were acquired later by Mathias and Eva Forberg.


Picture Gallery


László Moholy-Nagy

Hungarian Fields, 1919 
Oskar Schlemmer

Geländer-Szene I, 1931 
Karl Hofer

Mädchen mit Schallplatte, 1941 
Pablo Picasso

Au café, 1900 
Max Ernst

La fête du Mimosa, 1968 
Fernand Léger

Variation der Formen, 1913 
Paul Klee

Kojen, 1930 
Paul Klee

Ähnlich wie 49 (Revier eines Katers), 1919 
August Macke

In der Tempelhalle, 1914 
Henry Moore

Mother and child Nr. 3: Child on knee, 1956 
Lyonel Feininger

The High Shore, 1923  
Hans Arp

Kleine Venus von Meudon, 1956 
Otto Mueller

Two Girls with Poodle, about 1924-25  
Gabriele Münter

Gerade Straße, 1910 
Franz Marc

Kühe unter Bäumen, 1910/11