Still in @schoenbrunnpalace? No, we're back at the #AlbertinaStateRooms! Hope you had a good time with our friends. Follow them on their account to learn more about the Viennese Habsburg life. Meanwhile, we will continue with a lot of art from the great masters to the most amazing contemporary artists like Keith Haring.  #Albertina #albertinamuseum #viennagoeswes #accidentallywesanderson
This is how the Habsburgs celebrated: Under this fantastic ceiling with beautiful dresses and wonderful Viennese music! 😮💃🎼🎵
Quite impressive, right? This is the last post of our insta swap with @schoenbrunnpalace, hope you enjoyed it! 😊 For us, it was a great pleasure. 🙆
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Sisi - maybe the most famous Austrian empress ever since 💕👸🏻
Did you know that Albrecht Duke of Teschen, who was proprietor of the #Albertina between 1847 and 1895, was the teacher of Sisi’s son and crown prince Rudolph? However, this fact was no reason for her to visit the ALBERTINA quite often, as his strict and very conservative educational style was not supported by the loving mother. So the relationship between Sisi and Albrecht wasn't quite the best. #HabsburgGossip
#ViennaMuseumInstaSwap #schoenbrunnpalace #IMD2018 #Internatonalmuseumday @schoenbrunnpalace
Emperor Franz Josef I in the #AlbertinaStateRooms? 🤔
No, today is #InternationalMuseumDay and this year’s theme is #hyperconnectedmuseums. As you may have noticed this photo was not taken in the #AlbertinaMuseum but in @schoenbrunnpalace. Why? Due to the topic Viennese museums decided to swap their Instagram accounts. So we’re hosting the Habsburgs and their summer residence this weekend. Take a seat and enjoy! 😉💕
#ViennaMuseumInstaSwap #imd2018 #schoenbrunnpalace
The fashion label @sightline_vienna got inspired by our exhibition “The Color Woodcut in Vienna around 1900”. For the autumn winter 2018/19 collection, Sightline reinterpreted color woodcuts by Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel. 
The colorful collection was already presented during Paris and Tokyo Fashion Week. Cool, right? And the best thing: It will be on view for pre-order at the @austrian_fashion_association in Vienna on Friday, May 25th and Saturday, May 26th. Don’t miss it! .
#Albertina #AlbertinaMuseum
Picture 1: Sightline AW 2018/19 photographed by @mario_kies
Picture 2: Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel, Head of a Tiger, 1909, The Albertina Museum, Vienna
Picture 3: Sightline AW 2018/19 photographed by @mario_kies
Picture 4: Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel, Pair of Lions, 1905/06, The Albertina Museum, Vienna
Old and new... 🏛🌇🙆 The #AlbertinaMuseum reflects from the outside what you can find inside. Our exhibition program ranges from the great masters of art history to amazing contemporary artists like Martha Jungwirth. Thanks @w.e.l.t.k.i.n.d for this nice shot! 💓👏👍 #Albertina #MonettoPicasso #AlbertinaJungwirth #AlbertinaHaring #DirectorsChoice
We ❤ our beautiful #AlbertinaStateRooms! Their colors and details enchant us again and aigain each and every day. 😊💓 Do you like them as well? .
#Albertina #AlbertinaMuseum #viennagoeswes
This is one of our favorites! ❤💓 Karl Hofer caught a very intimate moment with this artwork. Sometimes you tend to overlook such great works next to a Monet or a Picasso but it’s totally worth a closer look! 👀😮🙊💃🎵
#Albertina #AlbertinaMuseum #MonetToPicasso
Happy Mother's Day to all mums and grandmums out there! 💐🌷💓👪 . Enjoy your day with your beloved ones. Rudolf von Alt seems to have caught this garden salon also on Mother's Day, right? . Rudolf von Alt | The garden salon in the Palais Rasumofsky at Landstraße in Vienna | 1845 | Liechtenstein. The Princely Collection. Vaduz-Vienna @palaisliechtenstein
We can't get enough of your stunning #AlbertinaJungwirth posts. They're so beautiful! Thanks for this great shot! Happy weekend everyone, never stop tagging us! 😊😘 #Albertina #AlbertinaMuseum
Happy #RegramFriday! Sunday is Mother's Day! You could do it like those three beautiful ladies and visit the ALBERTINA museum. Thanks for that amazing post @perfumistress. You look lovely! 💓🌷💐👪 #Albertina #AlbertinaMuseum #MothersDay

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